Get Started

Browser Add-ons are independent native applications that plug in right into Dolphin Browser. An Add-on can integrate apps into your Dolphin Browser and interact with web pages or with browser features such as bookmarks, history, and tabs.

Using the Dolphin Add-on SDK you can:

  • Access Dolphin’s User Interface
  • Interact with web page content
  • Access History and Download 
  • Integrate your native app into the browser

Get Started with a detailed Add-on Guide or go directly to the documentation

Dolphin’s Web App SDK enables you to use PhoneGap services to create apps that do not need to be installed but can still use local device specific features. 

With the Web App SDK for Phone Gap you can:

  • Use majority of PhoneGap API from any web page on your site
  • Access native device functionality like Camera, Geolocation, Local Files
  • Update your web app on your site without the need to packaging and submitting to app stores

Get Started with a detailed Web App Guide or go directly to documentation